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CWA Local 9400
(including units of the former Southern California Media Guild / Los Angeles Newspaper Guild, TNG-CWA Local 39069 / TNG Local 69)

7844 Rosecrans Ave.
Paramount, CA 90723
(562) 633-1917

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Updated Saturday, Dec. 27, 2003
9:30 p.m. Pacific Time


Now online is the finalized retirement plan for Newspaper Guild workers who were employed at the Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram at the time of the paper's asset sale Dec. 17, 1997. Because the asset sale didn't include continuation of the retirement plan, the plan had to be closed to new participants, and trustees needed to find a new "home" for the plan's administration. After much deliberation and consultation -- with plan participants, legal advisers and, yes, the federal government -- the trustees turned over the assets of the plan to Principal Life Insurance Co., which is distributing the funds to plan participants and beneficiaries. Copies of the finalized plan have been mailed to participants. As an added courtesy, we are posting it on the web. If you cannot open the plan on this link, try typing in the following address in your Internet browser:

If you still cannot access the online version, it might be because you need to install Acrobat Reader on your computer -- click here to download that program.


Members of the 64-year-old Los Angeles Newspaper Guild, Local 69 (more recently known as the Southern California Media Guild, Local 39069, TNG-CWA) voted in June 2001 to merge into CWA Local 9400. The merger safeguarded continuity of representation for Local members and bargaining units, upheld the journalistic independence of members and maintained the integrity of the frozen Press-Telegram pension plan, which has now been converted into a group annuity (see above).

As a result of the vote, the local Guild's charter was retired and with it the names Southern California Media Guild (aka SoCal Media Guild) and L.A. Newspaper Guild (as well as our local TNG-CWA numbers and our bylaws), but for matters of convenience, affection and continuity of representation, the newspaper units within 9400 are still being called the SoCal Media Guild and the units as a group retain membership in The Newspaper Guild sector of CWA.

Current and former members of the Local are invited to send in remembrances to be compiled in a book for historical purposes, and to be posted on this website. Reminiscences can be emailed to Gary North c/o or sent to Gary c/o Vickey DiPaolo at CWA Local 9400, 7844 Rosecrans Ave., Paramount, CA 90723.

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Joe Segura, Vicki Di Paolo,
Gary North, John Cox,
Jan Tucker, George Choma
George Laine, Natalie Shore,
Sharon Stewart, Lindsay Chaney

Bill Shelton, Helen Guthrie Smith, Linc Haynes

If you know of other recent passings, please let us know.

About CWA Local 9400:

  • It has more than 10,000 members statewide with at least five offices, two of which are in our key organizing areas of Riverside/Inland Empire and San Diego as well as use of other offices throughout the Southland.

  • Its diversity assures that a strike or action at any one employer site doesn't threaten the local as a whole.

  • Its size and power give newspaper/news media workers incredibly more staffing, organizing ability, vast legal and financial resources and statewide/national clout -- and reduced dues.

    The biggest drawback discovered during the merger debate was that the local would not be able to move forward if there were NOT a merger: The various local media entities have themselves merged and become extremely large, all-encompassing and powerful -- one reason The Newspaper Guild merged with CWA at the international level a few years ago. Merger between neighboring 9400 and 39069 is a logical progression of that.

    Copyright 2003 Gibbin Services/SoCal Media Guild Alumni


  • Members remember historic L.A. Newspaper Guild Local 69 / SoCal Media Guild Local 39069

  • To contribute remembrances, thoughts, photos: We are collecting essays and art to commemorate the merger of LANG/SCMG into CWA 9400 and the retirement of the former's charter after 64 years of history. These will be compiled to create a "farewell" book and will be posted on this Web site. Current and former members of the Local can send materials to the Local's new office at CWA 9400 (address at left), attention Gary North or email to; for more info call the Vickey (562) 633-1917 or Gary at 800-JULY-FOURTH (585-9368).)